The New Vermont Green

More Community = Reduced Impacts & Improved Living

We're on a mission to redefine environmentalism in Vermont.  It starts with people living closer together. That comes with a host of benefits; it reduces fossil fuel use (via dramatically reducing per capita home energy use and reducing carbon emissions from cars by encouraging a walkable bikable downtown.) Plus, our buildings are all designed to specific LEED standards with renewable energy producing solar panels on top. Want to respect the environment? Come live in ours.

Carbon Offsets

We're dedicated to making our earth greener, and believe that if you want a more sustainable future, you should live it. That's why we have on-site renewable energy in the form of solar panels, bike racks to encourage reduced emissions and compost collection bins to limit food waste. Our solar panels in 2022 created enough energy to power the energy needs of 86 average Vermont households. The carbon emissions saved are the equivalent of planting about 12,411 trees.Take a tour to find out more about the eco friendly environment efforts we have under way!

Localvore Living

Want to live in a place where you have 38 eateries, all within walking distance?  We've got you covered. Whether you want your Starbucks or your Dunkin' in the morning, a local deli for lunch, or a craft brewery at night, there are a host of options  (see them here!). That's not all: our farm-to-table scene is well represented via Healthy Living, which is a mere seconds from our buildings.

On-Site Renewable Energy

In 2020 alone, our Solar Panels produced enough energy to power over 19 stand-alone Vermont houses for a year, or the equivalent of planting 4,444.57 trees! In other words, we've prevented over 267,054 kg of C02 from being emitted into our atmosphere. It's all part of our greater commitment to pioneer a 'New Vermont Green".

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